Sample Design Work

Here are some select images of spaces that Soulscape Interiors has designed. Some of the designs were implemented following a Feng Shui assessment, while others were strictly design/re-design projects. 

Music Room:

The client requested a fresh makeover for this dated and underused Music Room. Space planning for this small space was a challenge, since the piano had to stay where it was, as it was the only available interior wall. They requested the room to be warm with a touch of elegance and to have some comfortable seating. This transitional space has become much more inviting and is now used for reading and relaxing, in addition to the function of a music room. It is a great focal point at the entry of the home.  Premium top down/bottom-up blinds were selected to enhance the space. These provide privacy (since the window faces the street), while still allowing for natural light. Neutral wool carpet was installed, along with gorgeous wallpaper to envelop the room with warmth.

Dining Room:

The clients wanted a “refreshed” look for their dining room but wanted to keep the existing table, chairs and paint colour. A stunning statement piece was sourced to provide a beautiful focal point (as well as being a functional buffet for serving). Ready-made lined panels were a budget-conscious choice for the window coverings, while still providing the luxurious look of custom drapes

Living Room:

The floor plan of this living room was very functional, however the room was cluttered and tired. The existing fabric on the sofa, although dated was in excellent condition and there was no budget for new furniture or upholstery. By choosing a neutral, yet rich colour for the walls, the floral fabric now looks fresher.  The addition of some contemporary accents has created more of an elegant and calm feel to the room.

A Feng Shui “San Yuan” assessment showed that a potential negative energy existed in this room that could be activated by too many “Yang” influences. By painting the room in a darker tone and keeping it more “Yin”, this helps minimize a potential “disaster” star energy.

Guest Room/Den:

This empty room needed to function as a den, but also required extra sleeping space for guests. This was a blank slate to work with. The room was painted, and a custom Murphy bed with built-ins was designed for the space. The Murphy bed contains a queen-sized premium mattress for comfort. The design is great for maximizing space while maintaining important functions.

When the bed is flipped up and stored inside the wall unit, a sofa converts the room into a functional den/sitting room, which is ideal for watching television or reading/napping. A custom low-profile desk was designed to provide extra functional space.


This long corridor had very high ceilings (18 feet at the highest point). The existing art was the wrong scale for this space. A larger piece of art was selected to add more impact, especially since it is viewed as soon as you come in the front door. It now provides a link with the hallway that connects into an open space great room. Art is a great tool to accentuate and visually help enhance spaces.

Master Bedroom

This room previously had a brass bed, which had been removed prior to doing the design work. While the clients had never been fond of the saturated tone of the walls, they did wish to stay within the lavender palette. A softer, more muted tone was chosen to create a calm, restful environment for sleeping. This tone was also consistent with the Feng Shui element that needed to be enhanced in this space.

A custom upholstered bed added softness and texture to the space. The neutral tone with clean lines will prevent it from feeling dated over time. Transitional style table lamps were selected to replace the more traditional swing-arm lamps and to mimic the square lines of the bed. Art was picked to coordinate with the floral pattern of the bedding and to soften the linear lines.



A welcoming waiting room for a youth health clinic was created through direct consultation and collaboration with stakeholder youth. The waiting room does not have a clinical feel. Instead, the mural creates a bright, fresh vibe to the area. This brightens the space and creates a welcoming feel instead of an “institutionalized” decor.

Feng Shui Elements That Have Been Incorporated Into Spaces