Feng Shui Services

Residential Feng Shui

Comprehensive consultations including…

  • The use of a questionnaire to gather information about your home such as the year you moved in, any major renovations, and birthdates of the people who live there
  • The use of a scaled floor plan to assess energy patterns in the home. This does not have to be a professional drawing but should be as accurate as possible (this can also be created by Soulscape Interiors for an additional fee)
  • Measurements of facing direction of your home using a Luo Pan as well as key areas where people spend a lot of time, such as the bedroom, home office, family room etc.
  • San He formula to analyze the location of your home, as well as the surrounding landscape and physical features and how they impact the energy entering your home
  • San Yuan (Flying Stars) formula to determine specific energy patterns entering your home and recommend ways to enhance the positive energy and mitigate the negative
  • Ba Zhai formula to recommend optimal locations for spending time in the home and the best directions in which to face (service can also be offered on its own and while it does not provide a comprehensive report of your home, it is still a very powerful formula that can produce positive results and healing)
  • A detailed illustrated report explaining the formulas and the results of the analysis along with specific recommendations

Feng Shui for Business

Comprehensive consultations including…

  • The same process used for residential assessments (as described above) applied to your commercial building or office
  • Added attention to enhance the energy coming into the building for wealth and prosperity, as well as employee wellness and productivity
  • Recommendations for office/store layouts
  • Ba Zhai assessments for the employees

Feng Shui for Real Estate

Assisting buyers who are looking for a home that has good energy and is aligned with their personal direction by…

  • Assessing the location, surrounding landscape and physical features (from a classic Feng Shui perspective) to assist in the decision-making process
  • Determining the positioning of features and rooms in the house to consider how this may impact you
  • Helping with future space and room planning based on Feng Shui results

Assisting sellers by providing…

  • Consultations that apply Feng Shui principles to enhance the energy of your property for potential buyers

Feng Shui Workshops

Providing knowledge and insight to those wanting to learn more about Feng Shui principles and applications through…

  • Presentations for community groups, service clubs, professional organizations, schools and businesses

Interior Decorating Services

The following services can be based on the recommendations of the Feng Shui assessment.

Space Planning

Providing detailed floor plans to assist with the layout of rooms and furniture to help with energy flow

Accessories and Decor

Integrating the recommended Feng Shui “Elements” by finding unique accessories that pull a room or outdoor space together such as art, lighting, rugs, soft furnishings, accents, and garden features

Colour Consultation

Choosing colour in sync with the Feng Shui “Elements” recommended for that room or space

Furniture Selection

Sourcing for furniture (including custom upholstery), case goods and accent pieces

Soulscape Interiors has access to numerous suppliers who frequently provide trade discounts that we share with our clients. Some of our suppliers offer truly unique pieces that are not available to the general public. We also work with professional organizers, window treatment specialists, contractors, trades people, repurposing specialists, and landscapers.

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