I have known Linda as a client and student since 2014. She is one of those people who stands out from others as her healing light and joyful presence shines so brightly. Beyond her amazing energy and friendly and caring demeanour, she is an exceptionally sharp and intelligent person. She is able to understand and embrace the spiritual side of all healing modalities, as well as grasp with ease the complex technicality of the subjects. Finally, she has the highest level of professionalism and is someone who can be counted on to meet deadlines and client requirements. It has been a true privilege being able to work with her as a professional and to get to know her as a person. I know that she will help many other people gain greater emotional wellness and awareness about themselves, and that she will be a bright light that shines in this world that needs her special and unique gifts!

Kathy Keh, Master Practitioner of Classical Feng Shui

Aura-Soma Chakra Balancing Practitioner

When my husband and I bought our new home, I was eager to hire Linda Graydon of Soulscape Interiors, to provide us with a Feng Shui assessment. I knew that we needed Linda’s professional guidance to analyze and make recommendations for our home, in order to insure optimal energy, health (emotional and physical), harmony and success.

After providing Linda with a few details about us, our new home, and having her visit for a walkthrough to take measurements, etc., she presented us with a comprehensive report. Comprised of several pages, the report featured details specific to the interior, exterior and surrounding areas of our home, including formulas, suggested elements and our personal Ba Zhai facing directions.

Never having worked with a Feng Shui Practitioner before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Linda’s friendly personality, professional manner and pleasant disposition made the whole process an extremely positive one. Having Linda provide us with a Feng Shui Assessment is an investment that we will not hesitate to make every time we purchase a property!

Allison and Phil Donnelly


I have known Linda for over 16 years. When it came time to select a designer to design and create a new living and dining room environment she was a natural choice. Her warmth, knowledge and ability to understand my design needs made the process so enjoyable and rewarding. Linda truly demonstrated a passion for helping me to create a home environment that inspires me on a daily basis and promotes a sense of wellbeing and serenity.

Linda’s ability to integrate furniture and design elements I already owned with both new pieces and design possibilities ‎is one of her many talents. Doing this while staying within a conservative budget impressed me beyond words.

Though I was challenged with how to best describe my design style and articulate what I was hoping to achieve in my living/dining area, Linda was able to expertly discover the same by just a few quick questions and discussion. It was such an enjoyable experience going out with her to select furniture pieces!! She selected pieces that were perfect for my home that I would have just walked by!! Truly a gift!!

Linda also developed a plan to add to my design as my budget allows.  This enables me to continue to be excited about the future design process.

Thank you Linda for everything!! I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a designer who is professional, creative, inspiring and cares about her client’s design needs,‎ taking customer service to a new level. You truly know how to create inspiring and nurturing living spaces.


Aldershot, ON

Linda was very thorough in her assessment of our workspace and the report was comprehensive. We took specific action and created a more welcoming front foyer at our office, we also tasked all employees to do a declutter of individual work spaces and also a warehouse cleansing. It was amazing to see how much stored “stuff” we were hanging on to as it left the building for good. Letting go of past technology that is no longer working or no longer relevant was a real eye opener as to how fast paced the business and industry technology has moved. Everyone feels a sense of release as a result. I would recommend Linda’s professional services as a result of our experience.

Williamson Printing Materials

Grimsby, ON

Soulscape Interiors’ Feng Shui suggestions improved the looks of our home and helped me to feel more organized, focused and more confident while facing a challenging time in my career and helped me be successful.  Thank you!

Marianne Clipsham

Kingston, ON

I would highly recommend Linda! Linda has generously donated her talents to Walls of Hope since 2009. She maintains a position on the Board of Directors for Walls of Hope due to her great contributions to the community we serve. She works with very limited budgets and has great patience working with clients that have many guidelines and concerns to work within. She approaches each project and donates her talents with the same thought, intuitiveness, and respect she gives every client that hires her.

Linda is a pleasure to work with. She has great perception for a client’s desired finished project. Her ability to add the personal touches that make every room feel as if the homeowners did it themselves is remarkable. With Walls of Hope being a volunteer organization, Linda creates incredible results on limited budgets and resources. It is truly impressive! Linda labours, effortlessly it seems, over every detail being sure it is exactly what the client had wished for.

Her bubbly, kind and happy personality make her a pleasure to collaborate with. Each family Linda works with at Walls of Hope loves her. They first fall in love for her personality and how quickly they feel at ease with her, and then with the finished product she has delivered. They always say, ” If I could have imagined what I wanted this is it!”

If you are considering Linda, consider no more, pick up the phone and get ready for a great experience and a beautiful space!

Sera Mansueto, Founder of Walls of Hope

Oakville, ON

It took us a long time to finally get moving on decorating a room in our house. Without the help of Linda, we would not be enjoying this comfortably cosy and beautiful music room. We love the sofa, the artwork, and spending time in the room. We have received lots of compliments. Linda is friendly, knowledgeable and a great listener. We truly appreciate that she spent so much time on the details, and the attention she provided us even though we hired her for a small project. She is always professional, timely and organized. She went beyond what was asked of her, and helped us with our dining room and kitchen!

We will recommend Linda to anyone who needs interior decorating big or small.

Choon Keng Tan

Grimsby, ON

The first time you meet Linda, you experience warmth, friendliness and positive energy; someone you immediately feel at ease with.

She is an active listener and spends the time to understand what you are looking for and is able to articulate what her clients want and incorporates this into her work. She makes you feel a part of the whole design and planning experience.

The space that she creates always reflects the personality and wishes of her clients. She expertly chooses the colours, lighting, furnishings, and accent pieces that pulls the room together. She has a keen understanding of what will work, and what won’t. She has a talent at taking existing furniture in the home and complementing it with other pieces, as well as repurposing some pieces that will be assigned to another room for another purpose.

No matter how small or big your budget is, Linda can work wonders.

It is wonderful to be lead by an expert in her field……

Karen Buchanan, Professional Organizer & Senior Move Manager at Solutions 2 Organize U

Milton, ON

Linda helped me stage my in-laws’ home for sale. Working with existing furniture Linda totally transformed the look and feel of every room. The home took on a warm, inviting and contemporary look that showed with broad appeal. The outcome was amazing and well worth the investment.

Over the years Linda has guided and assisted me in the design, layout, colour schemes and decorating of our home. Linda, in addition to formal training, has natural design and decorating talents and a comfortable manner that makes it easy to have her share in our home projects. She listens and respects my needs and style and considers this in all of her recommendations. I trust Linda totally and am always pleased with the end results.

Nancy Wallwork

Stoney Creek, ON